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          Estonian language for beginners B1


          Lessons of Estonian language for beginners B1 are held twice a week and within these the student receives basic foreign language skills in a group.

          Training takes place in the format of blended learning, i.e., homework and the repetition of the material takes place on a convenient online Tarkus platform at any time and in any place convenient for you. The online platform developed by us is an excellent addition to the course, where you can master the material you have learned in a fun and productive way and be constantly involved in the process of learning the language. The curriculum of the basic course covers various topics and pays attention to all aspects of the language, such as reading, writing, grammar, listening, and speaking. During classes, both group and pair tasks are conducted in a playful way, aimed at developing practical use of the language from the very first lesson.

          For more information on blended learning, see the video


          Koht: Narva mnt 7A, korp A, 7. kor
          Grupp: 5-10 people
          Õppekeel: english
          Õppe kogumaht: 150 ac.h
          Formaat: blended learning
          Conditions for the start of training:

          Pre-registration by email info@tarkus24.ee, phone 55555807 or filling out an application on the website of the language school Tarkus www.tarkus24.ee

          The course is conducted by:

          The course is conducted by a teacher who has the necessary qualifications and experience. The teacher supports adult learning and self-development. He/she attains the goals and helps students achieve the assigned results according to the curriculum.

          Курс проводит: ЕЛЕНА МАЛЫШЕВА

          Учитель эстонского языка на базе русского. Работала также много лет согласно своему образованию — учителем русского языка и литературы. Имеет опыт в преподавании эстонского языка на базе русского как группам, так и индивидуально. Её подход к преподаванию основан на разных методиках для того, чтобы изучать язык было интересно и эффективно. Ей нравится участвовать в добровольных работах, путешествовать и ходить в театр.


          Пробный урок бесплатно

          Trial lesson is free of charge.

          языковая школа

          Communication in a foreign language from the first lesson.

          The ability to consolidate the material, playing on the online platform Tarkus.

          besplatnye materialy

          Everything you need is given in the classroom.

          gruppy ne bolshe 8 chelovek

          Groups of 5 to 10 people.

          Qualified teachers.


          Different parking options
          (see here)

          oplata dvumja chastjami

          The possibility of payment in two parts. Accounting for tax returns. We are a partner of the Töötukassa.

          Any questions?

          +372 55555807

          Mon - Sun 10:00 - 19:00

          Learning Content:

          During class special attention is paid to basic grammar, vocabulary and communication practice. Topics: hobbies and free time, travel, job search, household chores, Estonia – life and culture. The following grammar topics are reviewed: past tense forms, types of words and alternations,conditional mood, comparative and superlative degrees, verb patterns, types of sentences, ma- and -da infinitive verbs. The following tasks are performed to develop written skills: argumentative letter, essay, making an offer, invitation, request, polite and official letter, feedback form, etc.

          For the development of writing skills the following tasks are completed: filling in the text with gaps; spelling the heard; combining words into a sentence, questionnaire; picture description; drafting questions and answers; small sections on the topics studied, postcard, letter, etc.
          More detailed information about the course is available in the curriculum.


          Training material used:
          Silva Toomingas “Saage tuttavaks”
          Mall Pesti, Helve Ahi “E nagu Eesti”. Kiri-Mari Kirjastus OÜ, 2015
          Material compiled by the teacher.

          You will learn:

          • to understand sentences and commonly used words that are directly related to key areas of life.
          • to understand more complex topics that are related to different topics.
          • to understand the opinions, thoughts and desires of different people.
          • to cope in everyday communication and situations where Estonian is used.
          • to be able to speak and exchange phrases, maintain a conversation and express your opinion, describe past events.
          • to able to speak in more complex and longer sentences using grammar.
          • to make a text yourself on a familiar or interesting topic.
          •  to communicate freely and correctly on the topics studied, using grammar rules and vocabulary corresponding to B1 level.

          At the end of the course (at least 80% of the classes attended), the Tarkus language school gives the student a certificate of completion of the training course.

          Language School Tarkus is a partner of the Töötukassa


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            Дополнительные услуги

            Онлайн обучение с учителем в Skype + платфрома Tarkus

            Эта форма онлайн обучения, предлагает Вам возможность изучать язык, не будучи привязанным к месту проведения занятий.
            Вы сможете в удобное для вас время заниматься самостоятельно на онлайн-платформе Tarkus и раз в неделю в оговоренное время закреплять изученный материал практикой общения на занятии с учителем через Skype.

            Самостоятельное обучение языкам на online-платформе "Tarkus"

            C помощью игр Вы сможете увлекательно и продуктивно обучаться новым словам и грамматике, а также выполнять задания на слушание.
            Выбрав подходящий язык и уровень обучения, вы сможете сами подобрать себе подходящую нагрузку, самостоятельно определять время занятий, а также с помощью обратной связи следить за своими успехами.