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        Благодарим за Вашу заявку. Свяжемся с Вами в ближайшее время.

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          Благодарим за Вашу заявку. Свяжемся с Вами в ближайшее время.

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          What is it?

          Individual studying – it is one of the most effective forms of studying.

          Before studies, the teacher will put together a personal curriculum according to your wishes and needs. As the lessons are one-to-one, the teacher’s attention will be focused only on you. You can choose suitable place, time and schedule for the lessons yourself.

          Lessons can be held via Skype’i if wished. The starting date of studies will be agreed on upon seperately.

          The minimal duration of a course is 20 academic hours. Recommended duration depends on the level: A1- 60 academic hours, levels A2-C1 – 86 academic hours.

          Before the studies, free level placement test will be done on our online platform.
          Repeating the material will also be done on comfortable online platform Tarkus at any time or place suitable for you. Online platform, developed by us, is an excellent addition to the course, where you can memorize the material joyfully and productively and be continuosly involved in the language learning process.

          Cost: 35€ / 1 ac. h.


          Пробный урок бесплатно

          Free introductive meeting

          языковая школа

          Socializing in foreign language from the first lesson. Individual approach

          Oppurtunity to memorize the material when playing on online platform Tarkus

          besplatnye materialy

          All necessary materials will be hand out during the lessons.

          Flexible schedule and a possibility to shape the curriculum

          Qualified teachers


          Different parking options
          (look here)

          oplata dvumja chastjami

          Option to pay in two parts. Will be consideres during benefit return. Partners with Eesti Töötukassa.

          LANGUAGES of individual programs:

          Russian language

          Estonian language

          Finnish language

          English language

          German language

          Polish language

          French language

          Spanish language

          Portuguese language

          Requirements for starting the studies:

          Student has to submit a request via email info@tarkus24.ee, on the phone 55555807 or by
          filling a request on the webpage of Tarkus Keeltekool www.tarkus24.ee


          School’s principles and curriculums

          The mains goal of the school is to offer high quality language studying, using diverse learning forms, modern learning tools and flexible timetable and offering translation services.
          All curriculums are published on language school Tarkus webpage:

          To measure your foreign language level, please use Council of Europe’s language levels
          self measuring scale
          Any important information for students will be published on the school’s webpage.
          Personal notifications will be sent via phone or email. Or contact us to undergo free testing on our online platform.


          +372 55555807

          MO-FR 08:00 - 19:00


          Дополнительные услуги

          Онлайн обучение с учителем в Skype + платфрома Tarkus

          Эта форма онлайн обучения, предлагает Вам возможность изучать язык, не будучи привязанным к месту проведения занятий.
          Вы сможете в удобное для вас время заниматься самостоятельно на онлайн-платформе Tarkus и раз в неделю в оговоренное время закреплять изученный материал практикой общения на занятии с учителем через Skype.

          Самостоятельное обучение языкам на online-платформе "Tarkus"

          C помощью игр Вы сможете увлекательно и продуктивно обучаться новым словам и грамматике, а также выполнять задания на слушание.
          Выбрав подходящий язык и уровень обучения, вы сможете сами подобрать себе подходящую нагрузку, самостоятельно определять время занятий, а также с помощью обратной связи следить за своими успехами.